Monday, September 12, 2005


It appears that LT. General Honore has the situation in New Orleans under control. I am betting that Mardi Gras will bring in the usual tourists next year and while many other areas of the Crescent City will take a lot longer to re-build and repair, New Orleans will be mostly restored within a few years. I am also thinking that Casino money will help re-build Biloxi and Gulfport. I hope that the smaller communities along the Gulf also get the help they need to re-build their homes and their lives. I cannot imagine what Southern Mississippi will be like without all the beautiful old homes.

W4D goes to his GATOR Club meetings every Thursday this time of year but this week, we "Swamp Women" are going along with our husbands to the FGTC Gator Club to hear Danny Wuerffle speak. We'll be donating to his Desire Street Ministry in New Orleans. Read this article to learn more about the good work our Gator Heisman winner, Danny Wuerffle, does in New Orleans. It's a great cause and will benefit one of the poorest neighborhoods in the country. Those wanting to help can send checks to: Desire Street Ministries, 1716 Mangum Rd., Houston, TX 77092 or donate online at

Sunday was Remembrance Day for 9-11. I think those powerful beams of light radiating up from Ground Zero are the most beautiful monument imaginable to those who lost their lives four years ago. As I understand it, they only light those beams of light one day per year on September 11th. I hope I get to see those lights in person one day. I know I will never ever forget the events of that day. After four years, I can almost think about it without crying. Almost.

Amidst all the sad situations in the world, there are still some joyous happenings, like the pending wedding of my step-son Michael and his lovely bride-to-be, Lesli. This weekend, I attended a shower in her honor at the Empress Tea Room in Tampa.

Here's a picture of Lesli with her hat of bows. Isn't she darling?

Lesli in her Shower Bow Hat

I didn't get very many decent photos since the light was shining in the windows at a poor angle for photography but I'll try to post a few more soon in an album on FLICKR.

I surely did enjoy the harpist who played for us throughout the event.


My daughter has always said she wants a harpist at her wedding reception and I heartily agree. I wonder how long it takes to learn to play a harp? I would probably have to cut my nails, eh? Sure would love to have a harp sitting in the corner by the piano though. I guess I will have to leave the harp playing to the professionals for the time being. Perhaps, I will purchase a harp CD or two. The harp is so relaxing. I definitely need some harp music in my life. Maybe we all do.

I visit the periodontist tomorrow. That means a script of Xanax so they can get me in the chair as I am extremely dental phobic. Xanax is my amnesia drug of choice. It makes me forget the trip to the dentist afterward so that I can keep going back. It also makes me a complete blabber-mouth so don't believe a word of what I write here tomorrow. I will be doing drugs, junking out on Xanax, in pharmaceutical oblivion, so pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain on Tuesday.


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