Thursday, July 27, 2006


I'm getting out of Dodge for a few days. As I wrote to a friend, "I'm going primitive vamping." If you will look at your keyboard, you will notice the adjacency of the C and the V. Sometimes a typo is more descriptive than the original intent.

So, The Flaurella will be off communing with nature, cooking over a campfire, sleeping on the ground, (well, to be truthful, a queen size air mattress in a two room tent) and bathing from a bowl. I may be roughing it but rest assured, I will be taking my clever leather Geoffrey Beane martini travel kit and enjoying a most civilized cocktail hour at the edge of a babbling brook somewhere in the vast wilderness of the Appalachian Mountains each and every day.

Blue Ridge Mountains
. . . a' Vamping I will go


Laura(southernxyl) said...

Yesterday I emailed my husband from work to tell him I had a plan. We'll put the house on the market. I'll stay in my job (which is ending if I don't relocate) long enough to get my severence package. When I get that, and we sell the house and all our stuff, we'll buy a couple of sturdy backpacks and there we'll be. I just haven't worked out what to do about the cats, I said.

Primitive vamping - I am down with that.

Sanne said...

I can easily imagine you sitting by the campfire wearing your tiara! :)

I didn't know you were the backpacking vamping-type??? Do rucksacks come with rhinestone straps?


Kim said...

hope all is well and you're all grubby dirty in a really primitive way... Let us know when you're back!

Flaurella said...

While we were vamping in the mountains, we saw a lady with a cat on a leash. The kitty looked content but I am not so sure it would have been happy to carry a backback. My advice? Send precious kitties off to a Cat Resort or buy them lots of catnip and hire a sitter.

Flaurella said...

Oh, dear! I forgot my tiara but I did take my jeweled flip flops for bathing in the creek.

Rhinestones on rucksacks? Great Idea but I don't think W4D would go for it. The Flaurella does not tote. :))

Flaurella said...

Kim, I am not a masochist. I take every fourth (and sometimes the fifth night, ha!) in a hotel. I even cut my long nails shorter before we left. My pedicure came through fine but the manicure bit the dust by the third day. At least I had pretty feet.

Glad you are back blogging. It's hard to get back to in the summer, isn't it.

Thomas said...

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