Friday, July 07, 2006

Frutti di Mare

It has been brought to my attention that I have been neglecting blogging about food lately. True. It's just that we eat a lot of seafood and grilled stuff in the summer. Seems sort of boring.

Here's one of my fave dishes: green and white fettucini with minced clams and mussels. I like a lot of garlic and fresh herbs and the best olive oil. It's a fast dinner, only taking about 20 minutes to prepare.

I know we shouldn't be eating pasta but once in a while, it tastes so good. Clams are always available and mussels can be bought fresh, frozen or canned as well. Please! Don't ever use garlic salt or garlic powder. Always smash and mince up fresh cloves of garlic. Mangia!

Mussels and Clams


jk said...

pasta amore!!! - glad you're feeling better - martini queen

Flaurella said...

Queen Marteen, that's moi! I do feel better, thank you.

Frankly, I only get a cold or flu bug about once every 5 - 8 years since I gargle enough vodka, gin, bourbon and wine to disinfect half the state of Florida. I won't even discuss the amount of tequila, champagne, and various liqueurs I use as booster shots!

Suffice to say, it is a mutant germ who can withstand my constitution.

Sanne said...

Aahhh, pasta and mussels! DH hates mussels and I HAVE to be on a diet! Deep sigh! Weighed myself this morning, have gained 3 pounds from eating ice creams. I suppose I eat as many ice creams as you drink Martinis. :) We're going to my tiny cottage next Saturday, stay there for 14 days, so I have to fix and prepare a thousand things this week before we go.


Flaurella said...

I bet your DH would like my mussels. Come to Florida and I will make him Mussels Marinara the way my Italian mother-in-law taught me. :))

Sweets, if you ate as much ice cream as I do martinis, you would weigh 500 pounds. LOL!

You come stay in our house for a vacation and drink martinis and we'll go to Moen and eat ice cream.

Have fun planning your summer trip to the cottage. I am envious!