Friday, July 21, 2006

Dueling Shrimp

I am loving all the comments on the Flaurella tags! Y'all are very creative. I'm making a list and checking it twice, in July. (this gives me hope that winter will eventually arrive yet again) Anyway. please keep sending your suggestions. Hella and Flaurella seems to be a hot combo and there are lots of ways to combine the two. Since your Flaurella pronounces "hell" as "hay-ell," I've never thought of it rhyming it with my name. Totally cool beans!

It's been hot this week. Not as hot as much of the USA but still hot - but not humid - isn't that odd? I've lived in Florida all my life and never seen the humidity at 43% in July. Anyway, we've been eating seafood all week since that is what we do during summer when it's too hot to eat anything else. Here is a lesson in Shrimp:

This is Gulf Shrimp. Eat these shrimp any number of ways. Here they are boiled in spices and served chilled, with cocktail sauce.

Shrimp Cocktail ala Flaurella
Eat These Shrimp

This is a Shrimp plant in my yard. It grows in red (mottled) or green (as shown). Do not eat this shrimp. Just smile at the similarity and go have a refreshing adult drunk.

Shrimp Plant
Don't eat these Shrimp

Enjoy your weekend. Type atcha Monday.

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