Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Come Fly The Friendly Flaurella

I've been thinking of changing the tag line for my blog.
What do you think of these?

I am stuck on Flaurella, 'cuz Flaurella's stuck on me.
Flaurella. It's what's for dinner.
I'm Not Gonna Pay A Lot For This Flaurella.
Just One Flaurella -Give it to me!
Leave the Flaurella to us!
Whatever You're Into, Get Into Flaurella
Strong enough for a man, made for a Flaurella
You're in Good Hands with Flaurella
The Curiously Strong Flaurella
The Flaurella of Your Life
All the Flaurella That's Fit to Print
Plink, Plink, Flaurella
Look Ma! No Flaurella!
An Army of Flaurella
I liked the Flaurella so much that I bought the company!
Flaurella Prevents That Sinking Feeling
Snap, Crackle, Flaurella!

. . . I'd Walk a Mile for a Flaurella . . .

Camels comprise 2.2% of our town's population.
I am not kidding.

Guess I had better keep working on it.
I sort of like my tiara tag anyway, because it's true.

Feel free to let me know your fave or suggest one of your own.


Anonymous said...

Howzabout "Bite Me!"?

Flaurella said...

"Bite Me" is excellent and I say it all the time IRL. In fact, I use it as the name of my food set on Flickr. You can find Flaurella's Bite Me link on the right column of this blog toward the bottom.

Working on the 2nd half of life said...

What the Hella....Read Flaurella

Anonymous said...

I sent this in once, but it didn't register. Here it is again.

"Fly me to the Flaurella"


Hotter than the gates to Hell in HSV:)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and one more thing. I DON'T EVEN WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE CAMELS! Too weird for words.


Flaurella said...

What the Hella! Very good, 2nd Half!

Flaurella said...

Dear Anon in HSV,

Or as Ralph Kramden would have said, "To the moon, Flaurella, to the moon!"

Now I will be singing that song all night. :))

Flaurella said...

Dear Kath,
Don't worry, we never talk about the camels. (but you should see our live Nativity at Christmas)

jaybird said...

I'm Not Gonna Pay A Lot For This Flaurella.


But, I am also liking:

What the Hella....Read Flaurella

jk said...

Flaurella Do Tella
They Call Me MellaFlaurella

Flaurella said...

They call me Mella Yella Flaurella ...

((Okay, I have a lot of vintage [to some]Donovan music on file.))

What kin I say? - not goin' t'Hella even if W4D thinks so!

Sanne said...

I like this most:
. . . I'd Walk a Mile for a Flaurella . . .

Or how about:
Not a day without Flaurella!

Made it up myself, as a true addicted.

... home from my best summer holiday EVER! :) More about it in an e-mail later.

Flaurella said...

Such good suggestions! Are you familiar with our American advertising slogans in Denmark? Do you have commericals that they play ad naseum until they make you crazy?