Monday, July 10, 2006

The Frugal Bartender

Needed to stock the bar so we headed for the liquor store.
Everything we needed was on sale. Cool.
We got a cart and loaded it with:

Quart of Smirnoff Silver
Quart of Bombay Sapphire
Quart of Evan Williams
Fifth of Tequila
Fifth of Triple Sec
3 Litre jug of Paisano house wine

We've been in a margarita mood lately, enjoying drinking them in the pool in the late afternoon when the sun isn't so intense. A margarita buzz on a late summer afternoon is pleasant.

So we paid for the liquor, $115 plus change, stowed it into the car and headed on to the grocery store to pick up coffee and some sour cream I needed for dinner. I found some nice globe artichokes and some cut flowers and DH spotted the limes. Good idea. We needed limes for the margaritas. I dropped my artichokes and the bouquets of lilies into the cart and headed for the lottery station while W4D went for the coffee, sour cream and through the checkout line.

We got home and unloaded the spirits and the groceries. I looked for the limes but instead found a bag of three large lemons.

Where are the limes?

Didn't buy them.

Why not?

Limes were three for $1.29. Lemons were three for a $1.00.

You wouldn't buy limes because they were 29 cents more than lemons?


You didn't bat an eye at spending $115 for booze but you are too cheap to spend 29 more cents for limes?

The price seemed excessive.

Where's the sour cream?

I forgot it.

Artichoke and Lemons
Artichokes and Lemons

Alstroemaria Lily
Alstroemaria Lily


Anonymous said...

Hi there Flaurella, or should I say Dear Limeless in FL?

I'm still laughing! Poor W4D.......:( Are you going to make him ride in the small yellow bus? Just kidding.

Love you and thanks for the laugh!


Flaurella said...

We saved at least 15 bucks on the liquor but that 29 cents extra for limes could have broken us? Now you know why I keep trying to save my sanity. AyeeEEEEeeeee!

Sanne said...

That's men in a nutshell! Sounds exactly like something my DH would have done too - and then he doesn't understand why I nag him!

SanneSoonOnHoliday :D

jackie said...

this is that y-chomosome thing i was talking about. jeez.

Flaurella said...

Have to Laugh.
The Universal Man Mind.
The Why Chromo-Y.

Thank you Sistah Friends.