Wednesday, July 12, 2006

On the Way Home...

Artichoke with olive oil and lemon

W4D, since you check this blog every day before you head home from work, could you please pick up some more of those juicy, tart, sunny lemons at the market this afternoon? We're out of fresh, lemony goodness. I would drive to the market myself but you go right by Publix and gas is over $3.00 a gallon and your shrewdness in the grocery store is legendary. Won't you please save me from over-spending? I might be tempted to buy those limes that are too expensive for words.
xxx - (kisses - not porn)


Anonymous said...

Poor it on baby, POOR IT ON!


Dying from the heat in HSV

Anonymous said...

Or shoud I say (duh) Pour it on baby, POUR it on?

Brain fart!

Flaurella said...
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Flaurella said...

"Poor it on" is rather appropriate when one is too cheap to spend an extra 29 cents. LOL!! Too funny!

Stormy here. Much lightning.
Not too hot.

jk said...

Porn it on baby - porn it on - oh god -it's just gettin worse!

Sanne said...

Ha, in Denmark we have had a heat wave for the last three weeks. All Danes are VERY happy, we are not used to such lovely summery weather. 25-30C and sunshine each day. I have been wearing sandals and not had stockings or a jacket on for about a month now. :)

I will iron and pack all the clothes I always think I need for 14 days tonight. DH always laughs, but you cannot be sure about the Danish weather. I do hope it continues for at least three more weeks.

e-hugs also to your economical minded DH (I have one alike, sigh!)

Flaurella said...

W4D is getting a big head with all these comments on his shopping practices.

JK - glad you wrote from home. Smart girl.

Sanne, Have a wonderful trip to your lovely cottage.

Now, everyone go out and buy some lemons!

Anonymous said...

So? Did the lube-guy bring home the lemons? We need to know.

Flaurella said...

He wouldn't dare bring home lemons. You will be glad to know I again have limes for the margaritas.

And, the "lube-guy" said he likes being called that right after he muttered something or other about solidarity.

Sydney said...

I think everybody ought to browse on it.