Monday, July 17, 2006

Blowing Off Work

It's Saturday afternoon. It's bloody hot here in Florida but apparently not as bad as the rest of the country. I am inside working on web updates. Landline rings.

Hello, this is Flaurella.

This is your personal weatherman calling from my blue raft. It is warm and sunny with intermittent clouds. The pool is 85 degrees and crystal clear. Predicting light clouds for another 10 minutes, then bright sunshine. It you would like to join me, I will be floating in the deep end.

Some offers are just to good to refuse.

Pool Noodles

Pool Rafts

Splashed Sunglasses

Pool Towels

I'll tell you about the fan experiment next time.


jackie said...

jealousy. it's supposed to be a hundred degrees here today, and it's already about 90 in my office. i would kill small animals for a pool. and a cocktail. really. (although the small animals bit is a lie.)

Flaurella said...

We had severe lightning last night during the cocktail hour. We had to sit inside instead of on our tall barstools in the pool with our martinis. We pouted our way through several Sapphires sitting at the island in the kitchen. It was just awful.

Feel better now?? (G)
Sending cool breezes your way...