Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Blown Away

As you may have noticed, this week, my Chernobyl theme is blow jobs. ::tick::tick:::tick:: That's the sound of my hit counter.

I love my dueling, opposing fans. There are sparring Galaxy fans blowing toward each other over our king bed from the north and south. There is also a big fan blowing from the west window and our large Hunter paddle fan dropped on a down rod over the bed, swirling the currents below. The air seems to blow from every direction at once and while I will admit that it is better when the air is cool, even when it is hot, it's still a major improvement over just a single window fan and the paddle fan.

The only drawback is my hair. If you think bed head is a problem, wait until you sleep with four fans blowing at you from every opposing direction. I awaken now with a sort of a blonde Woody Woodpecker pointed hair-do. I have extreme bed head and no, I will not be sharing photos.

I think I did levitate in the bed last night and at the very least, spun around 180 degrees due to the fannified air turbulence. I went to sleep with my feet pointed west and awoke with them pointed east. I am certain that I must have spun clockwise during the night. W4D however, remained undisturbed. Go figure.

Anyway, tonight, I made grilled salmon and orange pepper sauce with garlicked broccoli and sauteed grape tomatoes. I swear that we eat healthy foods. I don't understand why we are always worrying about losing weight. Maybe I can spin some weight off as I sleep.

Salmon with Orange and Red Pepper Sauce

Dream on.


Anonymous said...

Uh, yeah, forgot to tell you about that little side effect. What's worse is when the little hairs float in the breeze and tickle your face all night long. That can cause insanity. But, sleeping cool and comfortable IS worth it.

Maybe you should consider one of those bonnets ladies used to wear to protect their hair at night ..... ohmigawd! I can see it now!


Flaurella said...

That's what I need! A satin lined boufant bonnet. Pink, of course.


Working on the 2nd half of life said...

are those actual pictures of your meals?

Flaurella said...

Dear 2nd Half,
Yes, all the pix of foods are things that I cook and prepare and I snap a pic of my plate just before I chow down. In fact, all of the pictures on my blog or at FLICKR are pictures I shoot of stuff I create in my own kitchen, or see in my yard, town, travels, etc.

So! You think I eat weird stuff or something? Do tell.

Rayner said...

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