Friday, July 14, 2006

The Big Blow

My friend Annie told me about a new way to keep cool. Annie moved from Florida to Texas so she understands the quest for cool. I always sleep with a big box fan in the window that blows at the foot of our bed, plus the Hunter 52 over the bed. We live in an 1885 house and don't have AC upstairs but we do have 12 foot ceilings and lots of ventilation upstairs so it stays fairly cool at night no matter how hot it gets during the day. In fact, The Lubricator sleeps under the covers all year long while I, the hot-blooded one, rarely even need a blanket unless it gets below 25 degrees in winter and even then, W4D has to sneak the windows closed during the night. But, I digress.

Annie, who happens to have a faboo modern house with central air, told me that she keeps cool by using opposing fans. Now why didn't I think of that?

It took but one little mention of the dueling fans and badda bing! The Lubricator arrived home with two new box fans. I plan to set one up on each side of the bed and aim them at each other with me in the middle. I will also turn on the window fan and the overhead paddle fan. I may be able to create a vortex and levitate or even twirl right off the bed! At the very least, I bet I can blow all the dust out of the bedroom.

Dueling Fans

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jaybird said...

Now I would pay good money to see you in the midst of that vortex! We await your next entry with bated breath ....