Monday, July 03, 2006

Haute Couture

Pink Leather Prada Knock-Off Bag $65.00
Matinee Movie Tickets for The Devil Wears Prada: $15.00
One Popcorn and a Coke to share:
The eyeball shift on that chick's face from my pink bag insignia to W4D's fly when I asked if he had put the stallion back in the barn as he stepped out of the men's room: Priceless!

That was all I was going to share but perhaps, I should add a little more. W4D took the afternoon off so we could go see The Devil Wears Prada and then enjoy our traditional day-before Independence Day trek to the parade in a nearby small town.

W4D said while TDWP was on the verge of almost being too chickie-flickie for him but he did enjoy it and was particularly taken with the lovely Anne Hathaway and the scenes shot in Paris. I'm glad I have a man who will go see any film I hanker to see. That's the sign of a good hubby. But, back to the movie

I loved the clothes, the shoes and of course, the jewels. The make-up was... interesting... to be sure. I kept expecting to see Twiggy or Mary Quant pop into a scene. I guess we are hopelessly behind the times here in the South when it comes to big sooty, dragon eyes. Meryl Streep was, as always, perfection in her role. I had just watched her yesterday as The Baroness Karen Blixen in 1983's, Out of Africa. Yesterday was a good movie day on the tube, but I digress.

So, after the film, we dashed to the car and zipped out through the country for 20 miles to our favorite Independence Day parade in a neighboring small town. The country side was so lush, peaceful and vibrantly green in full blown summer that I had a hard time with the juxtaposition of verdant countryside after the frenetic pace of the New York fashion world. We do have some of the prettiest and richest farming and ranching country you'll ever see anywhere right here in North Central Florida but back to our annual tradition.

In the small Florida town where we headed, the horses are better dressed than the people. There were a lot of beautiful children in red, white and blue but it was the horses who were the fashionistas in their patriotic saddles and blankets, done up with stenciled RWB stars or stripes on their haunches, sequined or fringed stockings on their fetlocks, glittered hooves and spangles woven into their manes and tails. These were runway horses for sure, with real cracker cowboys and cowgirls riding their Quarter Horses, Walkers, Paints, and Appaloosas, as well as the elegantly dressed ladies with the huge long skirts riding their prancing Paso Finos. I am not talking a couple dozen horses, but hundreds of horses and their riders as well as mules and ponies, some pulling wagons and carriages loaded with country patriots.

The parade lasts about an hour and while the horses and children in patriotic clothes are the main attraction, John Deere tractors from every decade tow civic and business floats. The fire trucks and emergency vehicles from every neighboring town and community compete with their sirens and toss treats for the kids. Politicians handing out candy and propaganda only slightly outnumber the beauty queens in their sparkling tiaras and frilly formal gowns riding atop convertibles, big ass trucks and in classic cars.

Sorry, I'll never pay 3 grand for a handbag or 5K for a pair of boots but I may wear my tiara to our own town event in the park tomorrow. Since it's a real special occasion, I think I'll wear my jeweled flip flops, too.

haute couture
Country Haute Couture

Tall Uncle Sam
White Tie and Tails


Sanne said...

You're back! So great!!!


Aileen (Pronounced A-Leen) said...

Hey, wish that tall gal of yours a big happy birthday and happy 4th to you and F!! :-)

jackie said...

glad you are feeling better and that you had such an amusing movie going experience. the hippie will also go see just about anything, and i agree that's a HUGE perk. :) happy belated 4th of july, too! yours looks more interesting than mine was...

Flaurella said...

Thanks, Sanne!
I have the summer blahs, just like you get in the winter, to say nothing of getting over a 10 day summer cold, sore throat and bronchitis. Feeling better now.

Flaurella said...

Thanks, Aileen,
I told the Kidlet that you sent birthday wishes.

Let's be careful out there. The only thing you are supposed to let bite you is your DH. ((G))

Flaurella said...

Jackie, Jackie...

You just HAVE to go see fireworks or parades or eat BBQ on the Fourth. Next year, you must plan a picnic or something fun. No fair stayig "in" on IN-dependence Day. You should be outside, with the rest of us, sweating and cursing the Southern heat!