Thursday, August 18, 2005


Another day of intense heat. Predicted high is 97 degrees with a heat index of 105 to 110 degrees. Have I ever mentioned that I hate summer? It doesn't usually get above the low nineties here but when it does, our high humidity makes it miserable.

When it is just too damn hot to cook, try a light supper of salad greens with fresh avocado, fontina cheese, grape tomatoes, fresh mushrooms and an egg roll. Well, technically, this is a spring roll but I usually have both in the freezer.

Too Hot To Cook

It's even too hot to drink anything but ice tea or lemonade. I want fall and I want it now! Fifteen more days until GATOR football...

I have to go shopping now. I hate shopping. I hate summer. I hate the heat.


Jaja said...

go to

Anonymous said...

Try living in Canada. We have had a nice, sweltering summer and I'm loving it! Today it's only about 27 celsius and it feels so cold!
I love the heat!

Flaurella said...

I love cool weather. We should exchange houses. 80 degrees is still a lot warmer than I like it but it's not too bad for summer. Hope you get the weather you like and please, send me some cool breezes!

Sanne said...

I can send you LOTS of chilly winds from Denmark! We have almost not had any summer at all, so all Danes are a bit grumpy. Here it almost feels like Autumn although I hope we get two more weeks of "summer". :)

TGIF - have a great weekend.

jackie said...

sounds like your week is going about like mine has been. hope the shopping went better than you expected, and that you somehow found a break from the heat. your it's-too-hot-to-cook dinner always look fabulous, though!