Friday, August 12, 2005


Another weekend rolls around and I must spend this one shopping for wedding clothes and wedding gifts. Shopping isn't my favorite thing to do. Used to love it, now I hate it.

The good news is that GATOR football season starts three weeks from tomorrow. I am ready. Football means summer might actually end one of these days/months. We still have the worst 6 weeks of hurricane season to weather but with football season near, hope springs anew that summer will soon be history. I can't wait to see our new coach in action.

Orange and Blue Florida

GatorSports and the Message Boards

Was out walking around the yard between deluges and the usual vivid orange fungi are growing around the spot where an old tree root system decayed. I don't think our soil has been dry a single day this season.

Orange Shrooms
Even the 'shrooms in Gatorland are Orange.

As it should be.

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