Monday, August 08, 2005

Low Country Hitch Hiker

Today I gave a hitch hiker a ride to and from the post office. Mr. Lee Zard was napping in the well at the bottom of the front windshield that holds the wipers when I backed Carmela out of the drive. He didn't seem at all concerned but climbed up higher on the passenger side front glass and started looking about. I drove the 5 blocks to the post office without mishap and went in. Mr. Lee Zard was still on the glass looking around but I figured he'd be gone when I came out.

A few minutes later, I returned to the car and my hitch hiker was still there. I started the car and headed up the hill toward home when Lee ran down the hood and stood front and center of Carmela. I figured he was panicking and going to jump. After all, there are 4 ninety degree turns each way to the post office. Must be pretty scary for a little guy that's only about 6 or 7 inches long, clinging to a highly waxed, slick hunk of black steel. But, he perched there, his front legs clasping the very edge at the front of the car, head raised into the wind like a canine, a perfect black and yellow hood ornament. He secured his stance at the first corner and rode the wind right back home and under the canopy where we originated our drive. I gathered up the mail and got out of the car. Mr. Lee Zard sauntered back up the hood to the wiper tray and settled in awaiting more delicious skeeters for his afternoon repast. I guess he'll have bragging rights among his peers. If he's up for another ride tomorrow, I'll take his pic.

The low country boil on Saturday was delicious. There were two kinds of sausage, Kielbasa and spicy Italian, pounds and pounds of pink Gulf shrimp, what looked like a bushel of crawfish, as well as sweet corn and new potatoes. I forgot the danged camera so here is a picture I took of another LCB. It is always a treat whenever Cathy and David cook up low country.

low country boil

Everything gets put into the huge pots on a timed schedule and it all comes out done perfectly at the same time. We cover a table with newspapers and all gather 'round and eat right off the newspapers. Yum!

low country boil 2

It was a grand feast and I had a fabulous time until I fell off my platform flip flops. I'm bruised but at least I didn't break anything. Doh! Glad I wasn't carrying my camera after all.


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