Monday, August 01, 2005


To make a long story short, Adele got fried in a Progress Energy electrical poltergeist last Friday morning. Yes, I have an APC battery back-up but we still took a hit. 45 minutes of constant rolling brown-outs and black-outs after the power was "restored" was more than the battery back-up could take. My APC back-up is over 5 years old. Maybe I need to replace it. At least the fridge and TV's didn't get toasted this time. (insert very unpleasant memories of power poltergeists during hurricane season last year) My back-up computer isn't on DSL and dial-up is a PITA at 28.8 so I have been MIA since Friday morning.

Anyway, Windows on my work station was damaged beyond the points of restoration. My data and files were all still there but we could not access them. After two and a half days of diagnostics and trying everything possible, we went to Best Buy yesterday afternoon, bought a new 120G drive and installed it. Now, I have access to all my data on the new drive and I think all my data is safe. Tonight, we will make sure everything is transferred and then remove the new drive and re-install Windows on the original drive. Lost hardware will be restored and software re-installations will follow. It's a time consuming process but worth it to me. Everything will be safe on the new HDD and I will be backing up on daily basis from now on.

Adele spills her guts.

The folks at DELL have been great. Their tech support has been excellent.

My eyes are better, no longer swollen and hurting, no more blurred vision. Whatever irritated them is no more. Still have a little eye strain, probably need new glasses. Am going to get an eye exam next week anyway but at least I can see normally again.

Here's hoping this week is better than the last.


jackie said...

man. rough week. i am glad your eye is better and sorry for the frying of your hardware. here's to hoping this week is indeed an improvement!

Sanne said...

I learn new US terms and words every day, but don't know this one.