Monday, August 22, 2005

Bella Luna

I slipped out the kitchen and into the pool last night for a quiet little swim. The moon was still almost full. They call that a gibbous moon - when it is between full and half full. Anyway, I was bobbing around enjoying the night and the huge golden August moon when I turned around and saw another full moon. The second moon was pasty white and bending over sitting a bottle of Yukon Jack at the edge of the pool, just the bottle. No glasses. That should have been the tip-off.

Don't drink straight Yukon Jack under a full moon. It will get you in trouble. If you do decide to skinny-dip and drink straight liquor right from the bottle, then please do not howl at the moon. It disturbs the neighbors who will then turn on their lights and peer out their second story windows and they can see a lot better with the light of the full moon.

Forgot to post pix of the lobsters which were not boiled alive. If there's anything that tastes better than lobster, I don't know what it is.



ChrisMoose said...

[slapping forehead] It took me two reads to get the "pale full moon" bit... LOL must have been quite a site.... did the neighbors call the cops???? ;-)


Flaurella said...

Nahh... No cops. Our neighbors who can see over the pool fence are a great young couple and they've lived next door for about 10 years so they are used to our shenanigans by now and they know when to not look too closely. No one really wants to see old people nekked.

jackie said...

i went sailing on the night of the full moon--divine. and i have to say--that entire meal is what i want for my birthday dinner tonight. i mean it. newspaper included.