Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Til Death Do Us Part

I've watched it twice now. I am going to miss the Fisher family. And the Diaz family... but not so much the Chenowiths even though they were so grossly dysfunctional that you were drawn to them like a moth to a flame. I liked the ending of 6FU very much. I worried all season that something bad would happen to Claire - that Billy could carve out her beating heart or something equally bizarre or heinous. Claire was the free spirit, the one I wanted to see break the cycle. I liked them all but Claire had big things to do and to make it, she had to leave.

I thought all the obits at the end were great. I am not sure why none of the Fishers ever heard of hair color but aside from that wild white hair, all but Nate ended up with long lives and seemed to have escaped the dysfunctional circumstances that were holding each back from happiness. Ruth found herself and finally did what she wanted -- establishing her doggie daycare. Gentle George was right there to support her through it all. He truly loved Ruth, didn't he? Keith, the worker bee was still working as a rent-a-cop at age 61 when he got shot in the armored car. The man looked so good in uniform that he just had to wear one all of his life. I was glad David and Keith got married and had 24 more good years with their sons and family. David was teaching the older son about the funeral business so I guess it stayed Fisher and Sons for at least another generation. And after Keith died, we saw that David found another love in his life even if his heart saw Keith when he stroked out and died 15 years after Keith's murder. David also looked the most realistic as an older and balder man without the wild white hair. Finely groomed until the end, that was David. Kind-hearted Rico obviously retired successfully since he had a heart attack on a cruise with Vanessa. I'm glad they stayed together.

It was interesting to see that Brenda ended up, by all appearances, with a normal man and had at least one more child. We know she had at least three children counting Maya but this is surely because she was very pregnant in real life when they shot the finale. The best death scene was 70-something brother Billy talking earth mother Brenda to death at age 82. He was probably still raving about Claire and Brenda just couldn't stand to listen to another word! Did you see the look on her face when she gave up the ghost? Priceless! And Claire, I loved it that she ended up marrying the Republican lawyer 20 odd years down the road. He showed up at Ruth's funeral in 2025 and they married soon after that. She had the same hairdo so we know the time frame. I liked that she had all the pictures on her wall in that fancy NYC apartment where she lived. Oh, yes, I am going to miss the Fishers and the Diaz family and even the Chenowiths. RIP Six Feet Under, RIP.

This is my friend Dee from Arizona who came to McIntosh so she could eat watermelon in the Cemetery where I'll be planted one of these days.

Watermelon in the Cemetery
Such a sport!

When I was a kid, if we were up north visiting at the right time of year, we always went to the cemetery on Memorial Day and on Labor Day. We took a picnic and we cleaned the family graves and then the adults sat around and had a few while they reminisced and we kids ran around and played games. I loved playing hide and seek in the cemetery. We'd also make up stories from the writings on the headstones of people we didn't know. I wonder if people still have mini reunions of a sort at the cemetery? It wasn't at all morbid. It was fun.

Here's a photo of my Dad and my aunts and uncles at the cemetery for the annual cleanup picnic at the start of summer 1936. (No, I wasn't born yet, LOL!)

Family at the Cemetery
Daddy in saddle shoes, center.

WOW! Just found the written obits for all the family on the HBO site. If you were a devoted fan of 6FU, you will want to click here and read them.

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