Friday, August 19, 2005

Martini Almondine

It is so miserable hot I can't stand it. Our poor air conditioner is working hard to keep up but it's impossible, even with 12 foot ceilings and paddle fans. Outside, my tropical plants are wilted. Heck, even the wisteria is withered and suffering and everyone knows, you can't kill wisteria. My heritage roses, the Seven Sisters that have survived in this yard for over 100 years don't have a single bloom and even the rose hips are dried up and brown. I hardly ever see that old rose not blooming, particularly in summertime.

The only plants I have blooming in this intense heat wave are the Mexican heather (those love the heat), one pink vinca (AKA periwinkle), one pink impatien (miracle!) and one wilting bloom on a leggy red petunia. I just hate it when I can't go outside and cut fresh flowers.

red petunia
Lone red petunia blossom

I'm off to mix a big shaker of Sapphire martini's before W4D gets home. I'm out of garlic olives and pimento olives and jalapeno olives. All I have left in the fridge is almond-stuffed ones - not my fave. I'll have to suffer. Yep, I'll need to suffer at least twice this cocktail hour. Poor me.

Y'all have a good weekend.

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