Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Steamy Days, Restricted Sites

New Guinea Impatiens
Originally uploaded by flaurella.

It is starting to get steamy in North Florida. I hate summer and the heat. I've had to move my New Guinea Impatiens to shaded areas. The sun in the afternoon is hot and since we've lost two huge trees to hurricanes last year, there isn't as much shade in the back yard in some areas.

The photo today (click to enlarge) shows the huge, hot pink blossoms of one of my plants. The largest blossoms are three 3 inches across! Once the heat gets to them, the blossoms will be smaller as the year progresses even though New Guinea Impatiens are bred to withstand higher temps than non-hybrid, more delicate, shade-loving impatiens.

A thank you to reader FooFoo LaMar for alerting me to the free martini CD that is offered by Van Gogh Vodka. I have their 2004 Martini recipe CD and it has 10,347 martini recipes on it. This year's disk has 8406 recipes. I wonder what happened to those 1741 lost martinis?

Regardless, you will want to check out this nice free offer. Last year's CD had some wallpapers and fun time wasters on it as well as every martini recipe ever conceived by mankind. The Van Gogh Vodka web site is interesting, too. Lots of recipes and industry news. If you are 21 years or older, you'll want to drop by and request a free disk at their web site. Oddly, I have entered the URL a dozen times and every time I try to publish it, the Blogger deletes it. Maybe there is some rule against publishing site URLs to booze distributors? I dunno!

If you are 21 or older, just Google Van Gogh Vodka and you'll find it. I am tired of doing this over and over and having my post poof.

Last night, it was 62 degrees for a low. I fear we have seen the last of our gentle spring nights of temperatures in the 50's. Have I ever mentioned that I detest the heat of summer?


Sanne said...

And you complain about your summer heat! In Denmark we have about 10-12F during May and lots of misty weather and rain. Last week I dared going to work bare legged - beat that! ;)

Danish e-hugs

Sanne said...

That was an overstatement ... I meant 10-12 Celsius of course. :)

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