Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Doggie Birthday Dinner

Cindy wants to know what The Bubba had for his birthday dinner. I knew someone would ask so of course, I took a pic. W4D laughed at me for taking a picture of the dog's dinner yesterday. He is quite used to me taking a photo of his plate but he thought it was pretty funny that the dog had to wait as well.

The Bubba had junk food for his birthday

Originally uploaded by Flaurella.

He is 105 doggie years old and he can eat anything he wants. For lunch, he had a Greenie. Bubba loves Greenies. For supper, he asked for chicken nuggets. Now, these are not the kind from McDonalds or Wendy's. These are genuine home-cooked chicken nuggets in a light breading. His appetizer was three heart shaped Smart Bites. That is a treat for "senior" dogs that is fortified with Glucosamine and Chondroitin. Both were served with a side of white rice. As you can see below, he enjoyed it.

W4D and I ate light, some fresh fried chicken white meat (all that I didn't give to the birthday pup) with a large salad of mixed greens (mesclun), raspberries, blackberries and feta cheese dressed with raspberry vinaigrette.

Whenever we eat that light for supper, I agree to some bread. We try not to eat much bread and almost always opt for 9 Grain Whole Grain Baker's Inn hearty bread but a croissant now and then won't kill us.

Tomorrow I have a dental appointment. I employ a fleet of the world's best dentists, periodontists, oral surgeons, etc. What I have spent on dental bills in my lifetime is more than the GNP of a small undeveloped country. I'll be pre-medicating shortly and I may miss tomorrow's entry while I sleep off the Xanax. You see, I am terribly dental phobic. The Xanax helps a lot with the phobia and it also helps me almost cheerfully pay the bill. Getting me there is the hard part.

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collegetwerp said...

Your dogs dinnerlooked pretty good to me. I swear he eats better than us college kids some time. All I ate that night was a tub of icecream and a six pack.