Friday, May 20, 2005

From My Garden

Originally uploaded by flaurella.

My alstroemeria is blooming like crazy! Have a huge bouquet of them in the office. I have two large patches of them and even though they are only supposed to grow 40 inches tall, mine are already over 4 feet tall and still growing. I love the cut flowers because they last so long. If you change the water every day, even the ones from the florist will last a couple of weeks. I always have fresh flowers in the house but it tickles me when they don't cost a dime! You can grow them, too. Once they take off, they come back year after year. Learn more about alstroemeria.

Am also using this photo for wallpaper on the puter. Click the photo for a larger version and then set as wallpaper (stretch). It goes nicely with the Win XP color scheme, "Olive" green.

Enjoy your weekend.

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