Monday, May 23, 2005


gardenia on desk
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I had a terrible day. It sucked.

At some point tonight while I was ranting and bitching about prepping dinner, which I didn't even think about starting until 9-ish, DH slipped a fragrant gardenia blossom onto my desk. It's in a tiny clear vase and it smells divine. It's the first gardenia of the season and it reminds me of my very first car date on a fragrant May evening so long ago, with Lonnie Lewis, who picked me up in his gargantuan black 1959 Plymouth. He took me to the Columbia Restaurant. I wonder what ever happened to Lonnie?

Gardenias are intoxicating. I think I'll grab one more glass of wine and head upstairs and take a bubble bath. Who needs Lonnie when you have DH?

How about this!? My third entry in a single day. It's BlogGal, gone wild!

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Anonymous said...

I know those lovely little Florenza beauties .....