Friday, May 13, 2005

Flower Beds & Sweet Dreams

Everything went fine at the dentist. A couple of prescription Xanax can work wonders on a phobia. I slept really well and long last night.

Thought I would clue you in on my latest passions, bed and bath pampering. I'll discuss bath in another entry - this one is about beds. After all, we spend at least one third of our lives in bed so beds are important.

First, I am and always have been, an insomniac. Five hours of sleep a night has been my life long standard. Five hours sleep is a good, full sleepy night for me and I can't imagine what it is like to sleep 8 hours every night. However, once you hit a certain age :::ahem::: and have hot flashes and night sweats, sleeping can become a problem. There are many nights that I only get one or two hours of sleep. While I allow myself a half an Ambien twice a week, I spend much of the nighttime awake, watching old movies on the tube, reading, planning, plotting, wandering, well... you get the picture.

Because of this love/hate relationship with bed, I have become obsessed with high thread count sheets, aroma therapy, sound machines, candles, comfort pillows and the whole shebang. If it has to do with sleep, I will read, research and consider. That said, I want to share two products I really like. (Did you know that you can click on some of my photos and see an enlarged version? Try it on this picture below.).

Flower Beds & Sweet Dreams
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The first is "Flower Beds" and I found them online several years ago. Flower Beds comes in a darling little galvanized tin watering bucket and is full of a fragranced powder-like stuff that you sprinkle on your sheets when you change the linens. It is silky and smells very delicate and nice. I suspect it is cornstarch-based as they say it contains no talcum. Whatever is in it makes the sheets cool and fresh and smooth. It helps me sleep. The web site is Flower Beds. The fragrances available are "Gardenia Petal" and "Cucumber Blossom." I buy two or more at once since you get a good deal on shipping if you buy more than one sprinkler at a time. Flower Beds product is very reasonable and makes a great gift and no, they don't know a thing about my endorsement.

The other product I've recently discovered is linen spray. Linen spray won't stain and it scents your sheets with your favorite fragrance. You can use it when you turn down the bed as well as when you iron your sheets. Now, I must admit, I don't iron my sheets. I used to years ago but then blends came along and it wasn't needed. Now, with all the high thread count cottons, you might need to iron your sheets unless you do as I, and stand over the dryer, snatching the sheets out, one by one with the dryer still tumbling and smoothing and folding them while still warm. Pictured above with Flower Beds is a spritz bottle of Plumeria Scented Linen Water by Taiusa's "Scentennials." When I spray it on the sheets and snuggle into bed, it is like drifting off to sleep in a springtime garden of sweet flowers. Here is the
Taiusa Scentennial web site
but they don't mention their Linen Spray. (I bought it at T J Maxx)

I found another site where you can buy products to make your own linen waters. That sort of sounds like fun if you have the time. Check out this supplier, Snow Drift Farm. I think I have seen other linen sprays and bed fragrances at Linens and Things and Bed, Bath and Beyond. I don't know about you, but I can never seem to find the "Beyond" department when I am shopping there.

If you like sleepy time stories, perhaps tomorrow, I shall tell you about the last time we bought a new bed. All of my stories are true and I don't even change the names to protect the innocent.

It's Chinese Take Out for supper tonight. Odds are, I'll be hungry again in a couple of hours. Sweet Dreams!

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Sanne said...

I love the Flower Beds. What a great idea and such a lovely little can. I immediately went to their site to order, but they don't take international orders. Wonder why, because I can pay with PayPal as well. Perhaps I should mail them and ask. Why don't we have such interesting products in Denmark? I have never heard of it before, but sounds nice for sure!

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