Thursday, October 13, 2005

Drive By

The Lubricator had just arrived home from work and was a few minutes later than usual. The furry beastie boy demanded to be taken outside at once for his late afternoon, manly-man walk. My husband is far more patient with the furry beast than I and The Bubba knows this so unhurried walks with the man of the house appeal to him far more than an all business walk with me. The afternoon walk with The Lube is always highly anticipated and required immediately upon arrival.

Man and beast had been down the block and back when I saw an immaculate, huge white sedan from the late 70's or early 1980's ease up beside DH and his charge. The tinted window on the driver's side eased down and a man who has lived here more years than I am old, whom I honestly thought had passed away some years ago, stuck his head out the window.

"Frank, you have my vote," said the former local politician.

"Thank you, sir," said The Lubricator.

"God help ya."

End of conversation. The head retreated, the tinted window rolled up and the land yacht sped away.

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Dee sez~ been afk awhile said...

gawd Lau, I laughed so hard at this, the fellow in the next cubicle came by to see if I needed medical help!!

I can't tell you why it struck me so funny, but I had to share. ;)