Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Boring, Don't Read

Spent two and a half hours in the dentist's chair today. They had to grind out the old filling that was left on the half of my broken tooth, refill and shape the former half, then grind down the new filling and remaining tooth to prepare it for a crown, then take four impressions and finally, fit me with a temporary crown. It was a long ordeal for a dental phobic but it didn't hurt a bit. My face was numb to my the bottom of my left eye to my lip and my nose was numb too. It took 6 1/2 hours for the numbness to wear off. I tried not to smile at strangers when I was out and about. One whole side of my face was uncooperative all afternoon. My new temp crown looks great. I can't even tell it is there. After three weeks of not chewing on the left side of my mouth, nor brushing my upper left pre-molar, I will be very glad to eat and brush normally tomorrow.

W4D took the day off to drive me so I wouldn't have to drive under the influence. We ran at least a dozen errands and then went Halloween shopping. I bought lots of decorations but my favorite thing is a thunder and lightning machine. It will look neat on our upstairs veranda with lightning flashes illuminating the hanging skeletons between the columns and the black cats in the windows. Bought strings of bats, pumpkins, purple lights, black bows and assorted spooky frou-frou for the downstairs veranda. (I have figured out that DH likes to take me shopping when I am drugged for I don't care how much money he spends.) I also found a second sound effects CD. Between the thunder and lightening and two separate CD's of blood-curdling sounds, we can fill our whole block with creepy effects.

Our little town goes all out for Halloween. I buy for 300 kids even though there are only about 35 kids that live here in town. People from near and far come here on Halloween as this old Victorian town is a great place to Trick or Treat. Also today, I got all the spider rings, bat rings, glow in the dark snakes, cock roaches, scorpions, etc. that I like to give out with the candy. I'll get the candy later this week. After we give out candy for 300 or just a few more than planned, we turn out the lights and go out and enjoy some adult beverages.

Tomorrow, I will not remember much about the dental visit nor what I bought. Xanax is my wonder drug. It is a glorious thing to me that I can forget the trauma of all things dental when I take it.

I just sent DH out to get me a milkshake for supper. While he does that, I will put on my nightie and curl up on the couch. I should be asleep by 8:30.

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