Monday, October 03, 2005

Fright Season begins

6:00 PM and I am nowhere close to being done for the day. There's a martini with my name on it, calling to me but here I sit, still trying to get caught up with the work day. All hell breaks loose when it is Monday AND the first of the month AND the end of the quarter.

Since I haven't had any time at all to think about blogs today, I shall offer you a quick photo of what scared the holy crap out of me this weekend.

W4D and I have long taken great delight into scaring the bejeezus out of each other with fake spiders and snakes. We each have a stash of realistic looking plastic bugs, snakes, critters and spiders that we keep for our shenanigans and we like to creep each other out all year long, not just at Halloween.

I have been plotting where to hide a nice little scary spider which is all of 2 inches across. One must be slick and not obvious to truly frighten the stuffing out of The Lubricator or me. I even have special gummy stuff so I can stick a spider on a wall or suspend it from something. I have ways of attaching fake spiders to draperies or shower walls. We can make a toothy rat peer out from a potted plant, a realistic snake slither from under a porch step or from behind a commode and startle the best of them. We are not amateurs.

Last week, I found HUGE poseable spiders in the mall and bought a couple for our porch at Halloween. They came all scrunched up in packaging so I took one, stretched it out and shaped him like he was ready to skitter across the floor. These spiders will look great near our door at Halloween! I played with and posed one of the big spiders for a bit and then wandered off, not going back near the parlor for a few days.

Over the weekend, I wanted to set the VCR in the old room since we've never figured out how to work this fancy new one in the family room that does VCR-DVD-MP3- RFM-XFT-BTE-ME - just everything - or would, if only W4D could figure out how to hook it up properly. So, mission in mind, I breezed down the hall, popped through the French doors and into the parlor. Out of the corner of my eye, I spied a HUGE black spider! I skidded to a screeching halt, screamed, staggered back and clutched at my chest. I had scared all the meanness out of my own self with a spider that is over 4 feet across.

spider 666

I ask you, how likely am I to run into a real four foot spider with purple sparkles on his legs in my parlor? If the odds are so slim, then why have I had spider nightmares for the last two nights? When I went to change the file name and upload the photo to FLICKR, I noticed that the Mavica assigned file name was mvc-666f.jpg. Hardly a coincidence, I think.


Sanne said...

I'm glad I'm not in your house! I suffer from serious aracnofobia. I really HATE spiders, even the fake ones made of plastic. I would die if I should look at one of your local (huge) spiders and you would die laughing if you saw one of our local (small) spiders. ;)

... still working and working and working, deep sigh!

Marcus said...

What namely you're saying is a terrible blunder.