Friday, October 21, 2005

Fall Break, Ranch BBQ

Last night was the Annual Autumn BBQ at the Whitehurst Ranch.


There's plenty of food and adult beverages with a sundown dinner, then a raffle and music after dark.


The first course is always "Goobers," (boiled green peanuts) and corn on the cob. It sounds weird but it's good!


Dinner is BBQ pork and chicken and Brunswick stew, southern style green beans with lots of bacon and potatoes, cole slaw, and bread. You will note there is no salad or anything remotely resembling rabbit food. For desert, the ladies prepare a ton of sweets and deserts and wisely cut everything into small portions so that you can have a little taste of all sorts of treats.

The Whitehurst Ranch is a serene setting and I love to watch the sunset there.



Tonight is a another party night with our all best town friends and the Festival is tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing all of you who will be stopping by for a visit. After four straight days of parties, I may need to take another week off.

Hurricane Wilma, GO AWAY!
Do not come to Florida. You are already in Mexico. Just stay there. Please.

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