Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Listen up, Mother Nature. STOP sending me tropical weather! It is October and I want cool breezes and low humidity. I am sick of summer. Tropical Storm Tammy is giving us intermittent rain and high humidity but we don't expect her to bring us anything worse than the usual summer rain. A few minutes ago in a light mist, I took this picture of what I think is a variety of coreopsis. It grows so leggy and tall in North Florida that once it hits about 6 feet in height, it topples over from the weight of the blooms.

summer flowers

Speaking of flowers, I've been invited to join the Garden Club. Can you imagine? I am not sure I will fit in with the genteel ladies of the club but I may give it a try since W4D is running for Council. I have a hard time narrowing my activities to one thing at a time so sitting in a line of straight chairs and being still for any length of time while someone talks about pruning shears or garden pests may not be my cuppa. I will also need to curb my "tourette's" and make polite conversation. To make it even worse, the meeting is at 9:30 ayem. That's like practically daybreak. I am not sure I can be civil by such an early hour.


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hazelorbs said...

beautiful picture...i agree with the weather. i'm ready for the cooler days! winter here i come!