Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I have been cold for three days. It was 37 degrees this morning and I cannot get warm. One day hurricane warnings, a couple of days later, frost on the pumpkins.

This is a good time of year for candles. I'm partial to vanilla or spice scented candles. It is also the perfect time of year for an Appletini. An apple martini is easy to make. Most recipes call for apple flavored vodka but I prefer vanilla vodka in my appletini's. Lately, I am on a Denaka kick. Denaka is a good Danish vodka that is reasonably priced and very smooth.

To make a Flaurella Appletini, use two parts vanilla vodka, one part sour apple schnapps and a splash of Rose's Sour Apple Cocktail Infusion. Shake ingredients over ice and strain into a martini glass. Add a slice of Granny Smith apple for nutritional purposes. Light a bunch of vanilla candles and think warm thoughts while your husband is out glad-handing and talking politics. Sip your appletini and enjoy the peace and quiet as you huddle near the candles for warmth. Arrange all kitchen candles in a semi-circle on the table and set your appletini in the middle. Admire the ambiance as the sun dips below the tree line. Note how pretty the candles are when shining through vodka. Hunt for more hurricane candles in the panty, err... pantry. Light and feel the warmth. Make another appletini. Slice more apple. Check the clock. Rummage through fridge for leftover chipotle dip. Scrounge through freezer for mini quiche appetizers. Sip, munch, huddle. Feel the glow. To hell with supper.



Sanne said...

Danish vodka!
You sure have a great taste, my friend! :)

Danish e-hugs

Anonymous said...

Hunt for more candles in the "panty"? How many had you drunk when you typed this? Spell check is your friend.

Flaurella said...

Candles in your panties will warm one up pronto!

ChrisMoose said...

Candles in the panty... good excuse to invite the cute fireman over for dinner...

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