Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I had a terrific Valentine breakfast this morning that W4D made for me. I love pancakes -- not that fluffy tasteless variety like you get in restaurants but stick-to-your-ribs buckwheat or corn cakes with bacon so that's what was waiting on me after I slept in and finally tottered downstairs - with fresh raspberries, no less. I adore raspberries!

Valentine Breakfast
Thanks Dear, breakfast was delish!

I'm making dinner for us tonight. It's too crowded to go out on Valentine's Day so we'll go out another night for a romantic dinner. Tonight we stay in. I've created a special cocktail for the occasion. I call it a "Valentina." It's pale pink and frothy and here's how I make it:

1 part Vanilla Vodka (Denaka)
1 part Triple Sec or Cointreau
1 part Rose's Watermelon Infusion
1 part Whisky Sour Mix (I like Holland House)

Shake in cocktail shaker over ice and pour straight up into a large, chilled martini glass. Garnish with strawberry or watermelon. I'll be making a few more shakers of these tonight for W4D and me.

Valentine Cocktail
Flaurella's Valentina Cocktail

Now, I'd better get busy prepping dinner and hunting up lots of candles. Hope you have a cozy and romantic Valentine's evening with someone you love.


jackie said...

raspberries are the devil's fruit, but i am VERY jealous that W4D made you breakfast--such an event is unheard of in our house. and DUDE--that cocktail looks simply lovely! i just asked you for the recipe on your flickr pic of it, and now i see you have already provided. i will be making these this weekend if not tonight!

Flaurella said...

Hope you enjoy Valentinas. Try to use the brands I specified. It's a very good cocktail!

You'll need to teach The Hippie to cook Sunday Breakfast/Brunch. Start with something easy and quick and offer assistance and lavish praise. I think men like to cook breakfast just as much as they like to fire meat on the grill. :))

Sanne said...

I spent Valentines day with my sweet mum who made my favourite dish for me - pork hearts! So I ate hearts for dinner on Valentines day. :)


Flaurella said...

Do Dane's celebrate Valentine's Day as we do here in the States? I swear that I think it is a holiday made up by the greeting card, flower and candy companies!