Thursday, February 09, 2006

Rollin' on the River

I dragged myself off the sofa to let you know that I am ill. My throat is sore and my stomach aches but I will surely feel better by tomorrow since I never get sick. The Lubricator has a council meeting tonight and I am going to curl up under a quilt, watchTV and drink ginger ale - plain ginger ale.

Since I feel like hell, here's a pic of the River Styx. Brush up on your Greek mythology. See how the cypress trees growing in the river wear ruffled skirts?

Cypress Trees in the River

Yes, Virginia, there really is a River Styx in North Florida near Gainesville.

We don't need no steenkin' mythology.


jackie said...

ugh! sorry you are sick!!! make W4D go rent you the A&S pride and prejudice and you will have something fabulous to keep you on the couch for 5 hours of sniffly bliss. hopw you feel better!

jackie said...

er--A&E i mean. oops

Bryan said...

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