Friday, February 03, 2006

It's Always The Breasts

There were a few interesting searches that brought people to Flaurella this week. I fully understood why so many peeps looking for raspberry sparkletini, martini, appletini, apples soaked in vodka, tooni, cocktail, and a twist of lemon found me. I wasn't at all surprised that shrimp cocktail, canap├ęs and caviar brought in a few new folks. I can even understand why someone found me via "dog the bounty hunter hair extensions." After all, his hair extensions are magnifico and they go so well with that bleached blonde pompadour of which I am so very fond. What I don't get are the three requests for the "2006 guest book of big ladies in town in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia." I wonder if they were looking for fat ladies or phat ladies. Oh, yes, even though I am an old hippie. I know all about fat vs. phat, I can't understand why Flaurella would get a hit from that search string.

The weirdest request was for instructions and "pictures of how to insert a ginger root into an anus." I am not making this stuff up. I have a really ugly picture in my head thanks to this and I can't even remember mentioning ginger root in this blog. I looked up the search string and am sorry I did.

As usual, the number one search term that brought Flaurella hits was "breasts." It's always "breasts." I think breasts are the most searched word on the web. Little do breast-searchers know that I only write about chicken breasts. Bwahahaha!

On a more gentle, tiara worthy note, here's a pic of my Thai plant. The leaves range from shocking pink to maroon and we carefully cover it all winter long whenever there is danger of frost or freeze. I love a splash of shocking pink in the yard, especially on a gray winter day.

Hot Pink Leaves


jackie said...

hey--i left you a comment on this early yesterday and it's GONE! i was just saying to you that i always look at your pictures, and that i love love love this one, and that i appreciate your artistic eye. i said that a lot better the first time. stupid blogger...

Flaurella said...

Thanks, Jackie. I very much appreciate your compliment. There is so much beauty around us, even in our own back yard -- or the kitchen. :))