Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Lip Stick

W4D has offered to buy me a new lipstick.
The manly-man has never before bought me a lipstick.
He gave me this ad.

I keep thinking that I might pull out the wrong lipstick at the wrong time.

I imagine trying to touch up my lip color at the bar at Bonefish after a passion fruit martini and the tube starts buzzing. Missy, my regular bartender, would raise her eyebrows and be the soul of discretion but I would be very embarrassed.


Consider the alternative.
It's dark and you need a little buzz action.
You end up painting the wrong set of lips. Ack!

To say nothing of "three inches long, retracted."


Okay Dear, go ahead and order it for me.
A gal can never have too many lipsticks.


jk said...

my little "silver egg" was apparently buzzing in my t-shirt drawer until the batteries went dead...a waste of good batteries!

Flaurella said...

That's better than having your luggage buzz when you go to pick it up at the airport!

jackie said...

it's also better than having your college age daughter open your nightstand drawer to find you--er--lipstick. that happened to one of my good friends. :)

that said--heh--yay for new toys!

Flaurella said...

Never keep your "lipsticks" in the bedside nightstand. I think every kid in the whole world snoops through them. Babysitters, too. Remember Cynthia Nixon's housekeeper on Sex and the City? LOL

Sanne said...

Install a locker on your nightstand drawer - I did, long time ago.

The lipstick buzzer is really effective, a great Valentine wish. :)

... who lives in the most famous country - Denmark.

Sebastian said...

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Antony said...

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