Friday, February 10, 2006

Gelatinous Blobs, Past and Present

Feeling fine today, thank you, but I am going to stick with my liquid diet for another day. No sense tempting my intestinal bacterium to start throwing another hissy fit. Besides, a liquid diet isn't so bad. I'll make W4D a steak but I am going to have soup for supper and there's a big ole vodka martini calling my name right now. I shall anesthetize any surviving bad germs with Stoli.

It was 28 degrees last night but it warmed up nicely to 64 degrees today. Such a wide temperature range is normal for us in North Florida in the wintertime. Thanks to all the rain and our mild winter, the azaleas are starting to bloom.

Azaleas by Flaurella's back porch

In about a week the azaleas would be at peak but we are in for a hard freeze several days in a row later this weekend and next week so I imagine all tender buds and recent blooms will freeze back. We'll still have blooms the second time around but it will not be a great year for color. Enjoy them now. By Monday, they will surely be soggy, gelatinous, pink blobs of spent color.


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