Wednesday, February 08, 2006


For a Valentine's gift, W4D and I planned to give each other a piece of stained glass. We'd like something to hang in a tall southern window as well as something over the horizontal transom at the front of the house to catch the morning light. A pretty glass panel for either location would make a great gift. We decided a month or so ago that this was something we would both enjoy and that this would be our Valentine's Day treat to each other. Then, we decided that we needed new wicker furniture on the veranda and that would also make a nice shared gift. Valentine's Day is but a week away and we haven't shopped or ordered anything. No stained glass. No wicker.

This may turn out to be the same scenario as the Christmas we decided not to buy gifts for each other since we wanted to renovate our kitchen. We still have not renovated the kitchen and now we just give little gifts since the kitchen project is still in the planning stages and after all, that will be the real gift when we re-do the kitchen. We've been planning for three Christmas seasons. What can I say? Shopping for Christmas gifts is a breeze now since we only buy stocking stuffers while we keep talking about the new kitchen that will be our gift to each other.

This afternoon, I took some pictures of some stained glass already in our house. I probably don't need any more after all.


Click here to view my photos of stained glass and don't look too closely. I need to dust.


Sanne said...

THREE years ago DH and I gave each other a cruise for our 12½ years anniversary - unknown luxury to us and I have been looking much forward to the trip since. BUT - no trip yet, and believe me, I have complained. I really do need a romantic holiday. So next time we will be giving gifts, once bitten!


jackie said...

i LOVE stained glass. the hippie and i took a class in it a couple of years ago, and it was a TON of fun. i would still be doing it, but the problem is having a place for it--it's something we are considering when we look at houses to buy--we both want an at-home studio. anyway--you can see what we made if you are interested. just go here.

Flaurella said...

Sanne, take your copper anniversary cruise soon. You both deserve it. Don't wait too long.

Flaurella said...

Wow! All of those glass projects are great! Love the tree with the moon and the traditional panel is wonderful. For two such talented people, a studio is a must.