Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Cocktail Hour

Look what I found on You Tube.
Dang, I can't figure how to embedd You Tube on this new blogger so here's the URL:


Enjoy Pink Martini's version of Amado Mio and Rita Hayworth. Isn't she divine?

I am going to go now and have my own martini and listen to Hang on Little Tomato. Here's some more Pink Martini on You Tube:

Una Notte a Napoli:

Let's Never Stop Falling in Love:

Hey Eugene:



jackie said...

saw them again a couple of weeks ago--still in love with pink martini! CD #3 will be out later this year, btw--whoo hoo!

Flaurella said...

Lucky you! I saw that Pink Martini will be spending this spring and early summer touring in Europe. I can't wait for album #3!

Bobby McFerrin is here in G'ville tonight and we were going to go but W4D had to go to Jacksonville and might not make it home in time. I wish they wouldn't have concerts Tuesday nights...