Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Photo by Stephen M. McDowell, Orlando Sentinel

Congratulations, FLORIDA GATORS!
What an Awesome Game.
You played like the Champions you are!

Chris Leak, Quarterback
Photo by Stephen M. McDowell, Orlando Sentinel

It's never been done before:
Back to Back Championships in NCAA Basketball and NCAA Football
And don't forget that big win on Dancing With the Stars!

Confetti Celebration
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Ohio called our defense "an absolute terror." and said "the GATORS "crackled with execution." Said the Buckeye Extra, "The ferocious Florida Gators put Ohio State in a blender, hit the speed button and churned out a 41-14 win that denied the Buckeyes their second national title in five seasons. "

Flaurella's Top 13 Reasons
The Ohio State University
Did NOT win the National Championship

1. The game was only supposed to last 16 seconds.

2. Ginn got hurt celebrating. Had he been 100%, he would have run back a few more kicks.

3. 7.5 weeks off in between games way too long and the layoff effected tOSU timing

4. 5.5 weeks off gave the GATORS too much time to get focused.

5. tOSU thought GATORS tasted like chicken.

6. tOSU defense quit when Florida got up by a mere 27 points.

7. 4th and short on the Ohio St 29? Let's go for it!

7. Florida's Everett played without a helmet.

8. Florida's cleats were too long.

10. Too many award buffets for Troy.

11. Forgot to tell the GATORS they were supposed to Fear the Vest.

Articles for a good read:

Buckeye Extra

Chicago Sun Times

Columbus Dispatch

Orlando Sentinel

USA Today

Gainesville Sun1

Gainesville Sun2

Congrats to Ohio State for having a great season. You played with dignity and integrity. Hopefully we'll meet again in the Final Four this Spring.



Anonymous said...

so--i see you are in a slightly better mood this week. :)

jk said...

ohmygosh - that was the biggest thrill ever!

Flaurella said...

Yes, in a MUCH better mood, Jackie. I gather you aren't a basketball fan? You should be since UNC is ranked #1 right now. Hope you are feeling better and the flu is gone. I've been so bad at reading my fave blogs lately that I didn't realize you had been ill. Terrible time to feel poorly during the holidays...


Flaurella said...

Karen, that game was so fabulous! My GATORS were dynamite! I had to take the phones off the hooks until 3:00 PM Tuesday because I didn't have any voice left. I was finally able to make a raspy whisper by late afternoon.

It was so totally awesome! I'm so proud of those boys!

Hope the new job is going well. Email me when you have time.

All Hail the Mighty GATORS!
Best in the Land!
hugs ~~

Anonymous said...

EWWWW--UNC!!! it's physically impossible for me to be a UNC fan of ANY kind since i have degrees from both duke and NCSU. i actually do like me some college basketball, but i have been too busy and sick to watch much of it this year--i'll catch up by the ACC conference. :)

and yes--def. feeling better!

foofoolamarr said...

Heh. Ever see that game? "Frog in a Blender"? Funny stuff. Just picture the frog in an OSU jersey....

Flaurella said...

Our GATORS Rock! I think the excitement and the thrill of it all will last a long time. Double Championships -- way too awesome for words!

(and now everyone knows I can't count. Must edit the "reasons why" LOL)