Monday, January 29, 2007

Frigid and Farewell

It's going to be 22 degrees here tonight. It's been very cold all day and I haven't heated the bathrooms. I finally, at long last had to go and plopped my bare butt down on the toilet seat and it was so cold, I shrieked! It was like sitting on a block of ice, which I might add, I have done - in a bathing suit for a promotion at Channel 4 in Miami many years ago. I don't think they do that anymore since it is considered child cruelty or abuse or something to see how long a bathing suit clad kid can sit on a big block of ice in July, but I digress...

Anyway, it is bitterly cold today to this Florida gal and tonight, the dew point is 15 degrees. ARGH! You read that right! 15 DEGREES! At least it can't get colder than that. The coldest I have ever been in Florida is 9 degrees and let me tell you, that is friggin' cold no matter where you live.

I've baked a large roaster chicken and plenty of veggies and biscuits this afternoon to help keep this drafty old 1885 sieve we call home cozy all day. Now, I am going to go eat some dinner since DH is done carving the Perdue Roaster. All of our moveable plants and flowers are under blankets and tarps and heat lights but the lilies and gladiolus and the tender buds on the dogwoods and redbuds are going to be mush in the morning. Perhaps, I'll go make an icicle with the hose or something.

This will kill the fleas, the cinch bugs and assorted creepy crawlies but I know my froggies will all find safe havens. Everyone stay warm out there.

On a sad note, I was so sorry to hear about beautiful, strong Barbaro. I have been pulling for that magestic animal. He gave his all and was a true champion. I wonder how long before the world is sprouting little Barbaro offspring? Green meadows to you, Barbaro.

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