Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Spa Date with Sheree

Tucker Pupper has come of age. He is no longer a baby. W4D found him a lady groom and Tucker loves her.

Yesterday morning, The Tuckster rode off in the front seat of a cute little car with Sheree, his new groomer, who picks up her clients and delivers them back again after her care and treatments. Yesterday afternoon our puppy returned a manly man, Old Man Tucker.

Before Tuck left, his coat was so full and fluffy that he looked like a giant badger. We called him Pinhead since his head looked ridiculously small next to his huge furry body.

Tucker at almost 6 Months Old
Cute when hairy

Pinhead Pup
Pinhead Badger Dog with fave toy

He returned from his Spa date with his dense puppy undercoat combed out and removed, all the hairs from inside his ears removed, his face shaped, whiskers trimmed, eyebrows neat and tidy, anal sacs expressed, his legs properly shaped, his paws trimmed, toenails pedicured, and his butt and privates shaved as smooth as a baby's bottom.

First Grooming
Gentleman Tucker

Mr. Manly Man
Never felt a breeze there before. Cool!

I am going to call Sheree and see if she will take W4D tomorrow.


jk said...

and you will post b/4 & after photos?

Flaurella said...

Hmmm.... I don't have any "before" pix but if Sheree takes W4D on, I will make "after" photos for sure. That's a promise. LOL

Flaurella said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jackie said...

LOL--i read that last line and spit water out on my keyboard. :)

Oberon said...

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