Monday, January 22, 2007

Hot Pink, Lime Green

It's raining. Again. Fixin' to turn cool. Cool is like... 44 degrees this year.

It will temporarily wash off the slick layer of Soylent Green pollen on our cars. The Japanese magnolias bloomed 2 weeks ago. The red buds are all covered with pretty pink flowers. The dogwoods have tiny pale green buds. Everything is green, sprouted or already growing like a weed. Actually, we have a ton of weeds since the hurricane year. When was that... 2004 or 2003? We got hit with three in a row here. Must have been 2003. Hurricanes transport an amazing amount of seeds and small foreign particles. We have weeds we've never seen in our yard before but at least they are green... and blooming.

I saw butterflies in the yard yesterday, lots of yellow butterflies. The robins are here again too, terrorizing my large family of pet yard cardinals. Robins are noisy and bossy. The mockingbirds and redbirds and sparrows don't at all like them. They mess up the yard and poop splatter the walkways and decks and I wish they would go home. Dang snowbirds.

Here's a picture taken earlier this month of a peeper in my Tai plant by the pool fence. He let me touch him and he didn't flinch or spring away.

January Frog in the Tai Plant
Mr. Peeper on Hot Pink

I just can't imagine what it is like to look at snow for days on end. It's all lovely, serene and monochromatic and I like to go see it every year. I love it for a week or so, then I miss the color I am used to seeing here. I don't think I would make a very good Northerner.

Hey, W4D, enjoy that evening Power Meeting you are attending tonight. I bet your brain is fairly bulging by now. Call me when you get back to your suite, Dude.


Anonymous said...

It was 2004! Too many martoonies or Post Stress Trauma Syndrome?

As alwasy, just kidding kid!

Love you,

Martiniless in HSV

Sanne said...

What a beautiful photo, I love it and downloaded it immediately. Will use it at my desktop during Spring. We still have months of Winter to survive here in Denmark. Tonight DH will hoist up Tiny Honk and start repairing the remaining smaller things on him. I have entered the three of us (no son) to several races, conventions and spare part markets - so he better get started in time this year. I entered us without asking him if he wanted to or we could afford it - every year he goes on one, two or even three skiing holidays, and it's OK, so I suppose my GT hobby is OK too - ha! ;)

Today, it was daylight when I went to work at 8 a.m. and daylight too when I drove home at 4.30 p.m. - yeeeehaa!!! :) I hate these dark Winters and look so much forward to the arrival of Spring!

lots of Danish e-hugs

Aileen (Pronounced A-Leen) said...

What an awesome pic of the frog!! the colors are so vibrant!

Flaurella said...

Thanks! The colors really pop on an overcast day. There was plenty of light but it was filtered perfectly due to the clouds. Soft days like that are my fave for taking pictures.

That frog really loves that plant. I wonder what he thought when we wrapped that Tai plant in a blanket for a couple of days earlier this week. LOL I bet he was cozy.

Stephen said...

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