Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Suckiest Week o'the Year

New Year's is my least favorite holiday. In fact, I detest the Eve, the Day and the whole first week of the year, each year, every year. I am always annoyed with the false merriment and the countdown, the stupid hats and obnoxious noisy implements. I also dislike "having" to drink and make merry. I resent having to make resolutions or even pretend to think about them. Yes, the whole New Year ring out the old bring in the new fest gets my vote as the shittiest excuse ever for a celebration.

That said, no, I didn't take a single photo of bubbly champagne, exotic martinis or elegant hors doerves. We didn't go out this year and I refused to watch that stupid ball thing drop or those idiotic TV specials. I did kiss W4D at midnight but it was a sweet old married peck, without tongue. I really hate having to kiss when the exact moment is set in stone. At 12:05AM, 01/01/2007, I marched myself upstairs, put on my flannel nightie and pulled the covers over my head.

New Year's Day dawned warm and balmy and we went to a nice party at June and Bill's where about 50 friends enjoyed many libations, good conversation and a fab traditional Southern New Year's dinner on a huge patio under the trees with linens and real china and crystal. Being a guest is my idea of a great NY Day. The Flaurella will always attend parties on New Year's Day since that means she does not have to cook the hoppin' John nor the greens. To not consume the traditional Southern dinner of collards and black-eyed peas and pork and cornbread would be taking a terrible risk and I don't plan to ever find out what might happen if I don't eat and enjoy the proper lucky foods on the first day of the year.

I still hate the idea of New Year's.

Yes, I am in a foul and grumpy mood.

No, I didn't make any damned resolutions.

No, there will not be any steenkin' photos until I get over my new year's funk.

And yes, I really do love collard greens. I make collards every few weeks during the winter when they are abundant. When I made them a few weeks ago, I made them with white wine and they were really good, if not traditional. And that, reminds me of the worst part about New Year's Day parties.

No leftovers.


jackie said...

wow--sorry to see you in such a grumpy mood. the good news is--the sucky week is OVER! go make yourself a wonderful martini and hunker down with a ood book for the weekend. take a bubble bath. take tucker for a long walk. you;ll feel better, i promise!

jackie said...

er--that was supposed to be a good book, not an ood book. my fingers betray me...

jk said...

you are too funny! The boy, Zach, goes back to Tally today. Hope he makes the best of a new lease on life!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Flaurel! I watched part of the game just for you!!:::throws confetti up in the air::::: Whoohooo!!

Flaurella said...

Feeling just a tad more chipper now so thank you all for your well wishes. A weekend of sunshine, some cold weather and a National Championship did wonders for my blue mood.