Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Azaleas and Wrought Iron

Azaleas and Wrought Iron
Originally uploaded by flaurella.

Spring is here. The azaleas are already in bloom. This weekend, many flowers should really POP! Spring is good since pink is my fave color.

I posted this directly from FLICKR so we'll see how it goes.
Is it Tuesday already??


jackie said...

spring??! it was 15 degrees here yesterday and my poor early bloomers all froze. :(

that's a beautiful picture tho. jealous AGAIN of your yard.

Flaurella said...

Actually, this bit of wrought iron is in my next door neighbor's yard. She has lots of unique treasures in her yard.

Sorry about the blooms and buds. They will come back. January was so warm that they were all tricked into blooming early.

Branden said...

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