Tuesday, February 20, 2007


After a cold start, it was a beautiful day. Another frost last night (but not another hard freeze again) that turned plants and tender blossoms to mush, but whatever... they will survive since it wasn't that cold for that long.

Here's a pic of our redbuds against the silver Spanish moss.

Redbuds with Spanish Moss

After 34 degrees this morning (not that bad compared to the last few weeks here), it got up to 70 perfect degrees this afternoon. It was glorious! I love Spring.

W4D, I hope you are having fun in Tallahassee. I am eating airline food. Details later.



Sanne said...

Spring - what is Spring???
Today, we're having a snow storm, the first this Winter - and I LONG for Spring.


Flaurella said...

Ahhh.... You would love Spring in North Florida. Just glorious! This is the time of you must visit.

jackie said...

the redbud tree outside my office window is one of the many things i am going to miss when we move--i hope it blooms before the end of march!

that's a lovely picture, by the way. you are making me long for spring.

Flaurella said...

Jackie, is the end of March the moving date? If someone wanted to mail something to you, would one use the old address for the next couple of weeks?

It is "Springlorious" here. The best time of year in Florida. It's beauty-full and smells so fresh and wonderful and the colors are brilliant and the older I get, the more I adore spring. :))

Email me about the address if I should NOT send to the old address, okay?

ChrisMoose said...

Mom wrote yesterday and said it was "the kind of weather you move to Florida for". My snow is melting in 43 deg weather, rain and snow this weekend. Maybe it's time for another visit...


jackie said...

hey flaurella, moving day is march 24th, so there's plenty of time to send stuff to the old address (not that ANYONE should feel obligated to do so!) i would like to come walk through your yard to calm my nerves--we're closing tomorrow!

Flaurella said...

Come on down. I'll make you peartinis and appletinis but I was just kidding about the jello shots! :))

Flaurella said...

It is SO scary when you close the first time. Suddenly you realize that you have a mortgage, umm, the size of a HOUSE! Just take deep breaths and know that owning is much better than renting and real estate is the one thing that always will make money. Try not to panic.

Sending good vibes and virtual walks in my yard.

Flaurella said...

Don't get all excited, it's just a little something that I thought would bring you a smile. I'll try to get it off first of next week but it's not a big deal. Don't want you to be disappointed.

I'd buy you some of that fancy yarn but I already have a mortgage. LOL!