Friday, February 23, 2007


Looking forward to a warm spring weekend here in North Florida.

Dogwood Buds
Dogwood blooms stunted by freezing
back so many times this year.

Time to scoop out the pool. Not that we can or would swim in it yet but it's full of leaves. This is leaf dropping season for all the huge old oaks. We'll be raking and cleaning up the yard for the next few weekends. As long as it's warm, there will be no complaints.

Enjoy your weekend.


ChrisMoose said...

Hmm... Saturday: Snow/sleet by late a.m/early p.m. E winds gust to 30+ m.p.h. Wind-driven snow, possibly heavy at times Sat. night and mixed sleet/ freezing rain. Sunday: Snow/sleet/freezing rain—becoming all snow, heavy at times. Windy. A few thunderstorms? Significant total accumulations possible.

Lovely weekend in Chicago, I think!


Flaurella said...

Oh, Sweetie,

North Florida or Chicago...?

Only you can decide.


jackie said...

they're beautiful, even if they ARE stunted. can't wait for the dogwoods here to start blooming. man i am going to miss all my trees when we move! :(

Flaurella said...

Fooey! Most flowering shrubs and trees bloomed and then froze again so many times since January that we don't have a pretty display. Even the azaleas suck this year. Nothing nearly as pretty as last year. Hope you have a pretty Spring, Jackie.

L said...

Hello! regarding the vintage photo of the lady wearing the locket -- that one actually isn't mine -- I got it from one of those vintage image cds to use for non-commercial reasons online. I doubt you would have a problem using it in the same way :)

Flaurella said...

Thank you, L!

I am a big fan of your blog and I think Locket Lady is utterly charming.