Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pasta Para Duros Again

It is Mojito night at Casa Flaurella.

To go with the drinks, I nuked some of those little orange pasta wheels, pasta para duros. Happened to find them in the market a year or two ago and they make an attractive and clever little munchie as well as a cute garnish with Mexican food.

Pasta Para Duros
Before microwaving

Put these little spoked things in the microwave arranged on a plate in a circle and nuke them for 30 to 45 seconds depending upon the mighty nukability of your microwave.

Nuked Para Duros
Pasta Para Duros... ready to eat

They are like eating spicy, flavored hot air. They are so light they don't even have any calories. Dip them in salsa for a low cal snack or into hot cheese dip if you are feeling deprived of calories. One bag is enough to serve at least 20 times for appetizers or garnish and costs less than two bucks. Such a deal.


jackie said...

i NEED these. tell jackie where to get them!

Flaurella said...

Jackie should let Tucker send her some pasta para duros since he told Flaurella that he wants to send Jackie some people crackers.

Flaurella is going food shopping this weekend at the secret pasta duros store over by the coast and if they have them in stock, Tucker insists upon buying some since he likes them, too!

Don't buy them, even if you find them. I'll let you know if I can't get them

Anonymous said...

Walmart sells them