Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cooking with Care - an Act of Love

Pretty Camellias on the table.
Big as saucers, from my yard.

Valentine Camellias

It was a nice Valentine's dinner even if the cook did get bombed before she made the meal.
(The Cosmopolitans and Shiraz did me in - never got to the champagne.)

Valentine Dinner in the Kitchen

Underneath that glob of fruit and cream and balsamic berry reduction is a little round cake saturated in Amaretto. By the time I assembled the desserts, I was having trouble focusing so it became fruit blobs. Whatever. It tasted good.

And then...
There was basketball.


jk said...

basketball? tell.....

Flaurella said...

The 11th Commandment:

Valentine's Day shall not interfere with GATOR Basketball when we are #1 and Defending National Champs.

(MY rule, not W4D's!)

foofoolamarr said...

What a beautiful table setting!

BTW, what's a Cosmopolitan (and, no, I don't mean Helen Gurley Brown's rag)?

Flaurella said...

Thanks for the compliment. Not bad for the island in the kitchen.

I make a Cosmo with vodka, a little triple sec or Cointreau, a squeeze of fresh lime and a little cranberry juice. It should be mostly vodka, not mostly cranberry juice and I like mine with Cran-raspberry juice. Shake, strain and serve up and icy cold with a slice of lime garnish.

jk said...

oh THAT basketball! STAY WARM tonight!