Monday, May 29, 2006

Just Like a Woman

We have personally honored our Veterans who are gone and now we sit here, listening to some of our fave music cuts, cranked up at high volume, vintage Bob Dylan, drinking dirty vodka martini's with Tabasco-laced olives, reminiscing. And even though our political ideals have changed a bit over the years, we still love the songs of our youth. We are transported. We can relate our memories to the kids of today. Those kids are our hope for the future. We admire them, well, most of them.

Anyway, add to Dylan and the martini's, the sweet fragrance of a big vase of fresh gardenias dropped off by my friend Susan, and now the air is heady and intoxicating and bringing back many memories. Don't mind me, if I am a bit nostalgic today.

God bless the Soldiers who defend our country and the ideals of our country. They are for the most part like each and every generation, just like us at that age, green, idealistic kids. I wish they were all home and safe and sitting around listening to their generations' music with their friends but it seems that there will always be conflicts and wars.

I am fond of harping to The Lubricator about my belief that if women were running all the countries in the world, there would never be any wars, just a bit of trout slapping and some hair pulling once a month or so, and then we'd work it out sensibly within a few days. I trust we wouldn't send our sons and daughters off to die in foreign lands, and we'd surely find some other way to settle confrontations concerning money and religion.

I am not saying that freedom and democracy are not worth fighting for but if women were in charge, we'd talk each other to death instead of shooting. Women are tough - much tougher than men imagine. We are consistent and we don't usually let pride affect our judgment. For example, the Lube and I have been watching lots of war films on TV over the last three days. He loves them. I think they are dumb and idiotic and we argue about the cause and effect. It's surely a man vs. woman thing. It's our genetic makeup. Male genes don't understand female genes and visa versa.

I adore men but let's please let women run the world.

Back in a few days.

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Sanne said...

I couldn't agree more!
I vote for you - if my Danish vote counts!
Have a great trip, dear.
We have a national holiday next Monday, so we are going to my little cottage at the Isle of Moen. Very nice. We have to mow the lawn, I suppose it is about knee height, and trim the hedge - but besides that we will relax and have a very cosy time. I think I will call my mom and ask her to make us dinner. :)