Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Big Boobs, Crispy Calamari

Last week, we sat in a nice little bistro and drank Martini's and Bellini's, nibbling calamari while we watched the well-heeled shoppers drop their cars off at the Valet Entrance to the Mall at Millennia in Orlando. We amused ourselves by counting boob jobs. The obvious rate was 30% but that didn't include questionable breasts, just those bosoms where there was no doubt of surgical enhancement.

To note over 30% of the female population in one place sporting boob jobs is considerable in Florida so we believe there may be a correlation between valet parking and breast augmentation. Perhaps, it's just that bored women who shop and drive expensive cars are all seeking eternal uplift and giant, protruding chests. Maybe the rich husbands of the Millennia shoppers are paying to pump up their wives' bosoms for their own satisfaction. We don't know why we saw so many huge, augmented jiggling chests in one spot but it was fun watching The Lubricator keeping count. Keep the Bellini's coming and I'll count whatever, whenever.

Last night, The Lube came home wagging a bottle of King Fish Shiraz. It was pretty tasty and I quite liked it until I went to their web site today and found that you can also buy it by the box. Whomever invented boxed wine should be drawn and quartered.

Pictures from my Orlando trip are here. View the slideshow for the fastest delivery.

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Aileen (Pronounced A-Leen) said...

Come to California Flaurel you will see fake boobs as standard ware LOL interesting food for thought LOL

jaybird said...

Boobs counting ... I have no response to that. Your photograpy .... fabulous. Got no more time because I am dashing out to float in the inner tube in my pool!

Flaurella said...

Looks like they are pretty standard in upscale Orlando, too. I just love seeing some 40 year old woman that looks ike a stick, weighs 99 pounds and has size 34 triple D boobs.

BTW, we didn't count those we couldnt agree upon. I suspect the boob job rate was at least 35% on a local, Thursday afternoon. Amazing!

Flaurella said...

Thanks, Jaybird.

I am still using my original 8 year old Mavica camera. I must get a new one that takes better quality pictures. Think what fun it would be to be able to shoot clear, crisp shots in any light at high mega-pixels! I can still get 26 picturs on a floppy disk. ha!

Hope you had a good float. I haven't even been outside to look at our pool lately. However, I always make it a point to take a dunk for July 4th.... once a year, ready or not.

Happy Tubing!

Working on the 2nd half of life said...

now now....don't be mean about box's the same stuff in a bottle and the air doesn't hit it....just putyour glass under the spout with your eyes closed....better yet, have someone else pour it for you

Sanne said...

Counting boob jobs - I'm still laughing! Boob jobs are not that common in Denmark, yet! Mine are natural - as long as I can roll them into my bra, I confuse to have them done. A great excuse for buying nice lingerie! :)


Flaurella said...

Dear Working...

I am a cork gal. I am not happy that so many corks are plastic now. I like a real cork. I like real glass. I don't like to pour a glass of wine from a spigot - I like a bottle of wine on the table. I imagine it will come to that one day -- all boxed wines. Not looking forward to it.

Flaurella said...

Alas, you will have to amuse yourself counting something else in Denmark. Do you have big shopping malls near you? What shall you count?

Manuel said...

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