Friday, June 16, 2006

What a Girl Wants

"Not quite a hurricane" Alberto was a pansy but at least we got lots of nice rain.

It's coming up on two months since we had our best buddy put down. Most of the time now, I am able to talk about him without crying. I sure do miss the little furball and I still haven't gotten used to not having to pick up my car keys silently without jangling them or not having to spell out words like "c-a-r," and "p-o-s-t o-f-f-i-c-e" instead of speaking them. I still find myself saving a few bites of steak or something good to share from my dinner plate. I truly miss talking to the little guy all day long. For 16 years, The Bubba was my constant companion.

I'm not quite ready for another dog. W4D and I have agreed to wait until the end of summer or early fall before we start looking for a new puppy. We are at the point now where we notice all the dogs on TV, in print, or those out and about with their humans. We pet, admire, or discuss every dog we see.

I like a laid back dog that is a lover, not a twitcher, jumper or a fighter. I don't like tremblers or hyper-active or klutzy dogs. We once had an Afghan that was the klutziest dog ever. Labradoodles are supposed to be wonderful dogs. They have the smarts of the Poodle and the temperament of the Lab and they don't shed. I'd like one if they weren't too big to tuck under my arm and tote around or sit on my lap. I like all sorts of dogs but I want one that's scruffy looking, cute, hairy and calm, Type B and eager to please.

OMG! I just described my husband.

Best Buddies at Rodman Dam


jackie said...

not to give you advice on your dog choices, but the hippie has a good friend who is a breeder of powderpuff chinese cresteds, and i have to tell you--they are tiny and cute with the personalities of big dogs. very cool little puppies. (i am amazing myself writing that, as i have traditionally only loved the big dogs.)

alberto dumped a ton a water into my basement while i was at the beach. glad you guys escaped any storm difficulties and got to party instead.

been missing you while i have been traveling all over and away from my puter.

Flaurella said...

So many choices. I want them all! This is the first time I have ever in my life been petless. Weird.

Sorry about Alberto. I was thinking he would put a damper on your vacation and instead, he flooded your basement. :(

Looking forward to reading all about your travels. Welcome home!

Working on the 2nd half of life said...

My father was a golden and lab hunting dog kinda guy but ended up with our shitzhu 9 years ago until he had to put him down a month or so ago. Dexter was bouncy enough without being obnoxious and didn't too....nothing worse than a dumb dog.....well....ok, nothing worse than a dumb anything

Flaurella said...

I love shitzhu dogs. There is one down the block that looks exactly like our Bubba. Every time I see him my heart leaps.

I want them all, I want them all, I want them ALL!

Petless in Gator Country

Laura(southernxyl) said...

My inlaws have a little Yorkie mix that turned up on their doorstep several years ago. (They did make a half-hearted attempt to find her owner.) She's happy but calm and doesn't yap at all. Very sweet little dog, one of the few that I, a non-dog person, can stand.

Flaurella said...

We would just love a Yorkie mix. I saw the most adorable Yorkie-Poo in the park and our neighbor has the sweetest purebred Yorkie. I wish one would find us. We are hoping for perfect puppy karma, that the right wee beastie will find us. Our sweetest Boy picked us 16 years ago so we are hoping that might happen again.