Friday, June 09, 2006

Lily Lane

Check out the reproductive organs on this lily. Click on it to view it larger.


I think these lilies are a variety of the bigger, all white spider lilies that I also grow in my yard. Each stalk has twelve large striped lilies. If anyone knows the real name of these lilies, please leave me a comment.

Peppermint Lilies

These flowers come up en masse in late May and early June, blooming right after the gladiolus in the same bed. I call it my bulb bed and its about 4 X 35 feet long. It's very pretty when it is in full bloom.

Lily Clusters

W4D weeds and trims my flower beds. I cut and arrange the flowers.
As it should be.

He used to say it was the only time he got any peace and quiet, when he was out working in the yard. But those days are gone. Now that he's a councilman, if he dares go outside, people drive up and start talking politics. He's not getting any yard work done.

He's considering a tall fence. I am considering moving.


jaybird said...

As it should be ....

jk said...

From "Tough Plants for Florida Gardens" by Felder Rushing - Crinum species pink with white stripes 'Carnival'

Flaurella said...

Thanks! I knew it was a Crinum like the taller spider lillies amd now I am happy to know the variety. Carnival is a perfect name for it.

Appreciate it, JK!